Drunk lesbians playing with tits


It’s amazing what a bunch of drunk college girls will do for Marti Gras beads. Even better, it wasn’t even Marti Gras but spring break gone wild. We ran out of beads to give the horny chicks so we slipped them 10 bucks. That is like 50 plastic necklaces, so they really owed us! The babes pay up by stripping each other down and giving us a lesbian show for our Dream Girls Network. I think the drunk college girls eventually passed out naked on the beach with their heads on each other’s tits. Luckily, we have the video so they know what happened!

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Drunk wrestling ends in pussy licking


It was supposed to be a mud wrestling contest, but these drunk chicks got a little confused. As soon as they got into a bear grasp, they forgot it was a contest and let their inner kinky lesbians show through. Their wet bodies slid together like slippery otters squirming into their little holes. The bottom chick was absolutely ravenous and clutched the other chick’s ass to get it right in her face. Dream Girls Network got the spring break gone wild on tape. I think we are technically supposed to declare a winner for to the mud wrestling. We’ll let you decide!

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Some naked tits and the spring break gone wild


Dream Girls Network organized a wild spring break party for the students in Texas. We supplied and the booze and cameras and the girls gave us the entertainment. This ‘best tits’ contest got a bit out of hand because the drunk chicks thought that skill and horniness would help them win the contest. Of course, it doesn’t hurt their scores at all! The young sluts stripped down and let themselves get sprayed down by a big hose. The chick in the middle had already won, we just wanted so see how much crazier she’d get.

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Topless drunk girls gone wild at spring break


There is apparently some rule against being drunk while sailing, so we couldn’t get out of port with the wild college chicks we picked up. That doesn’t mean Dream Girls Network didn’t put on a wild spring break party. In fact, it just meant that more people got to enjoy the show. All the sailors, along with some other lucky locals, gathered around the dock to watch the parade of tits and ass when the spring break gone wild. These chicks were bent on having a blow out party so the hooting from the guys just encouraged the babes to act even sluttier.

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Naked drunk girls dancing and more


These girls actually lost the wet t-shirt contest, if you can believe it. If they had done this wild demonstration on stage, they’d be crowned lesbian titty queens of all spring break parties. Luckily, Dream Girls Network was on hand to get the after party show. The loser chicks are comforting each other by admiring one another’s perky titties. This starts getting out of hand when they decide to compare firmness and the spring break gone wild. Next thing you know, the horny girls are grinding each other’s cunt with their plump behinds! All wild drunk chicks are winners in my book!

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