Topless drunk girls gone wild at spring break


There is apparently some rule against being drunk while sailing, so we couldn’t get out of port with the wild college chicks we picked up. That doesn’t mean Dream Girls Network didn’t put on a wild spring break party. In fact, it just meant that more people got to enjoy the show. All the sailors, along with some other lucky locals, gathered around the dock to watch the parade of tits and ass when the spring break gone wild. These chicks were bent on having a blow out party so the hooting from the guys just encouraged the babes to act even sluttier.

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Naked drunk girls dancing and more


These girls actually lost the wet t-shirt contest, if you can believe it. If they had done this wild demonstration on stage, they’d be crowned lesbian titty queens of all spring break parties. Luckily, Dream Girls Network was on hand to get the after party show. The loser chicks are comforting each other by admiring one another’s perky titties. This starts getting out of hand when they decide to compare firmness and the spring break gone wild. Next thing you know, the horny girls are grinding each other’s cunt with their plump behinds! All wild drunk chicks are winners in my book!

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Drunk girl licking cream on nipples


One of the easiest ways to make chicks go wild on spring break is by getting out a bit of whip cream. These girls weren’t old enough to get wildly drunk, so Dream Girls Network gave them a can of whipped cream and let them get creative. Young chicks are easily bribed with anything sweet and soon both the cute, freckled babes were putting dollops of cream on each other’s nipples. This is actually their first lesbian experience, so they are all giggly while playing with each other why the entire beach watches and spring break gone wild.

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A conga line of white asses and the spring break gone wild


You know how much it sucks to get sand up your bathing suit? These drunk college girls on spring break gave us a demonstration. They formed a conga line of white ass cheeks and pulled down their bikini bottoms. Practically the entire beach of sand poured out of there butt cracks! You can still see some of the white sand plastered to their behinds. We managed to convince them that the only way to battle the sand in the ass was to go skinny dipping with us and let us film it all. At this point, anything involving nudity and cameras seemed like a genius idea!

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Spring break gone wild when brunette masturbates


When a chicks show up for spring break parties without any panties on, you can expect some wild action. This babe was still basically sober while performing this on camera amateur masturbation scene, so sloppy drunkenness isn’t even an excuse for her public debauchery. She got her hands on something that resembled her yellow dildo from back home, the one that hides in her empty panty drawer, and started getting homesick. Right there, in the midst of the party, this chick spreads her legs and starts fucking herself. The blonde girl joins in later and the spring break gone wild.

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